Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quickbooks Integration Problem

Well everyone I just wasted a week. I had good working code for a quickbooks custom interface but thought I did not and spent a week trying to fix something not broken. Here’s what happened, The company I made the interface for used 2 quickbooks datafiles. To my dismay they added the products I was invoicing to only one of the quickbooks companies, therefore I was trying to invoice something that wasn’t there on the second data file. I got no errors but no invoice either. I finally decided to look at the items and found the items I was invoicing did not exist in this company file. If you ever need some quickbooks interface sample code follwo that link. I went through hell to get this to work and maybe I can make someones life a little better. Maybe throw me a link on your site to because I just saved you HOURS of work alpha geek peter vogel watch out!

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