Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Progressive Scale Will be Highlited in the Next Rice Lake Magazine

Recently Joe Geisser, Northeast Regional Sales Director for Rice Lake Weighing Systems, organized a visit by Katy Madden , Editor for Rice Lake Magazine to view several installations by Progressive for the upcoming Rice Lake Magazine release. We don't want to spoil the article so we will just let you know a little bit here. They were taken to ITW highland a stamping company to see 4 920i counting scale systems in action. Each 920i is tied back to an AS-400 and a SQL server. The system handles labeling, automates filling by qty, inventory, and bar code scanning. Next, Rice Lake was taken to another client, Murray's Chicken. Rice Lake was immediately impressed with the depth of the integration that Progressive provided for Murray's. They viewed the Provision Processing System , an ERP system that tied the Rice Lake 920i in very nicely and tied into Quickbooks. Teh Provision Processing System includes Shipping, Order Entry, Inventory, Scales, Recall, Reporting and more. They also viewed an in-motion chicken sorting system, and a pre price labeling system that allows them to label items with pricing for customers. All provided by Progressive Scale Solutions, So be on teh look out for that article.

Progressive Scale Releases a Standard Network Version of its Popular UAS4000 Counting Scale Package

The UAS400 is a counting scale packaged software that Progressive Scale and Software Solutions developed for the Rice Lake 920i. This has been a very succesful package for Progressive and has just been taken to the next level. The UAS400 has always been a stand alone system. Tying it into a PC was always possible and done quite often, but it required customization. Recently Progressive released the UAS4000 Network 1.0. It still has all the same features that have made the UAS4000 great but because of the PC / Network Connectivity, it brings an endless array of possibilities. Designed to work with both SQL server or MS Access, the software allows the sysem to easily share data between scales, allows for ease of label design and changes, and allows each system to have and idependant configuration. Serial numbering is handled at the PC level so there is no chance of duplicates. Transactions (labels printed) are stored with date and time stamps for reporting and time tracking. Having a networked scale also breaks the logistics barriers of older serial ports. Clients can now monitor and control scales anywhere in the world. One Progressive client hase scales in Mexico, Texas, China, and Connecticut, all working from the same data. IT loves it because they can upkeep the scales even though they are on the other side of the world. Demos of the software will soon be made available at

Provision Processing System Gets a Facelift

The Provision Processing System by Progressive is rapidly becoming the system of choice for today's small to mid sized food processors. As a Meat packing software system, PPS is unmatched. With its low proce point and ease of use, meat processors all over the country are rapidly adopting this easy to use platform. Progressive keeps the cost down by not trying to re invent the wheel. Many competetive software's include an accounting suite. This drives the cost of the software way up and is diffucult to maintain. PPS uses the integration platform provided by Quickbooks. Quickbooks has teams of programmers making modifications every day for the latest tax laws etc... PPS takes advantage of that and integrates data with Quickbooks. Thats all there is to it.A copy of PPS and QB and you are ready to run a meat packing plant. Already a straight forward and simple software to use, Progressive is making it simpler by adding more graphical buttons and color reports. The next release is slated for Mid May. A video demo of the entire system will be available the first week of May at