Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fairbanks FB-3000 and Sartorius Combics Pro

Alright everyone, I am excited because I just got my first job with the new Fairbanks FB3000 windows based scale indicator.  If is a fully programmable touch screen windows XP machine.  I do not have it yet but my client is sending it this week.  Ladies and gentlemen if this thing works it will be NICE.  I also have some interest in the new Sartorius Combics Pro programmable indicator as it has some very nice features as well.  I sat in on a demo of this indicator and was impressed. How does this all compare to the Rice Lake 920i? Well, the 920i is a great instrument but it is quickly becoming dated as it has limited memory, 3rd party Ethernet networking, no file structure and needs some overall updating.  The Pro to the 920i is its age. It is proven and I have put that thing into all kinds of harsh environments, and done just about anything you can think of with it and will continue to.  Don’t count it out by any means.  I will let you all know how I make out with the new stuff as I am sure it will be buggy and take some teeth pulling to get going.

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