Monday, November 26, 2007

Scale Calibration Software System Launch

Well all, it has been a while since our last post. Mostly due to lots of activity. I would first like to mention that we will be going live with a FREE scale calibration system. Yes, free. Just remember us when you need a custom scale or bar code system. It is a SQL based scale calibration system for scale companies. It has many features like repair tracking as well. It is meant for a PC and runs well on the new portable Vista units (about 7 - 8 in wide and about 5 in tall) I needed it so I wrote it over several months and figured some scale companies out there would like to have a copy. Please give me lots of feedback though so we can keep improving. If you need a copy let me know and I will ship you a CD. 203-792-2854


Automatic calibration sticker printing
Weight serial number tracking
Maintenance tracking
Calibration procedures embedded in system
Unlimited scale calibration points
Peripheral Tests

Also our soft indicator just launched with a 30 run trial. Download a demo of our software based scale indicator