Monday, November 06, 2006

Fairbanks FB3000

Well everyone, I turned on the Fairbanks FB3000 today. I have never been a real big Fairbanks fan. This is a huge leap for a company that in the past has had to me seemingly out of date equipment ideas. So far it it very nice. It is however a little easy to hack or better said, screw around with using standard windows key commands, but I have not really got into it yet. It's a nice enclosure with everything you could need to communicate right out of the box. The touch screen is very responsive. It comes with a slick little mini keyboard, though I think the majority of my clients would be better served with a full size keyboard. I think in most industrial environments, a larger keyboard is better. What would be cool is to set this up with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Anyway I will be getting into it further tonight, but so far for Fairbanks I am impressed
John Russo , Senior Engineer Weight Scale Systems