Thursday, July 26, 2007

Metal Scrap Tracking System

With so much news of all this stolen copper and aluminum, I thought it handy to inform the metal scrap dealers of a metal scrap system our associates have produced. It has photo ID image capture, inventory control, pricing history and more. Follow the link above to see more information. Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting Listed Favorably On Google

When considering organic placement on search engines such as Google, many SEO companies tell you that the ONLY thing they do is to get all the right keywords into your site. That is just the first step. As a software engineer and an internet consultant, the message is clear. Its a popularity contest. Let's say you are Google and someone types in "Scale Systems" well I have 4,000,000 matches or keywords I have found. What is my tie breaker? Well how about unbiased votes for that site? Meaning, who links to that site without a reciprocal link back? Those are the votes I want, and how popular are those sites that are voting for it? (Google Page Rank). Although there are said to be hundreds of factors, link popularity is number one. Go ahead and prove it. Go to Google and type in "click here" who is number one? Is it Acrobat? If you go there is the word click here pasted everywhere? No. But everyone in the world votes for it as a link "click here" to download acrobat so you can view my PDF. That touches a little bit on the next bit of business. The really critical keyword is the text used as the link to your page. The "click here" became what that page was associated with.

So, how do you beat the system? Don't try. Especially joining some silly link farm or link strategy, those ultimately end up in failure. You may see short term results until the engine has you figured out and you get an unfavorable listing. What you need to do is be a cowboy with a white hat. Get out there and talk about your site on every blog, industry site, and bulletin board that has something to do with your site. Again please don't enlist some unknown company to do this for you unless you know they are not going to spam your site wherever they can until you have negative repercussions. If you need assistance let us know we will be glad to help.