Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Howdy everyone. Just wanted to touch base. We just recently brought 3 new programmers on board as a result of our great feedback from teh seafood show, and are cranking out some nice custom programs. But what I am most proud of is our poultry processing system for any meat packing plants. I now have it in 3 separate installations and have many quoted. My customers love it because it provides fast lot recall capability, scale integration, bar code shipping and labeling and best of all...Quickbooks Invoicing! Hey man I dont toot my own horn very often but this is a great system. My customers run their entire businesses on this system. I now have from 10 to 150 employee companies running this. Check it out if you want. meat and poultry processing systems and software Look for our article coming up in your favorite poultry magazine

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